About  Barbara
   Barbara Sue Love Newport

      Barbara's Life
Life is all she imagined it to be and she has the imagination of a child, having brought that with her from some strange land ... Liberal Kansas ... Pancake hub of the universe .. January 29th, Kansas Day.

On that cold winter night God crocheted snowflakes and Daddy brought Mama red roses in the snow.

Words and feelings and visual images are important to her, having always and only wanted to be an artist.

The picture of me ...
   The body I live in now is not my favorite place to be. Age has not been kind to me. Please show my body of work instead- "Still Life" or "Dried Arrangement" may best describe me now

Barbara's Art
  Layered Paintings:
Layering is a tangible metaphor that imbues the work with meaning.
These projects typically begin their journey as sketched, painted, photographic or sculptural elements. Barbara adds further elements to the collage mix.
  Ceramic Art:
I have always loved the mystery of fire & earth. I have mastered some control of such but I am just as suprised as anyone as to what I find.
It's like some kind of magic ...
Like setting one's spirit free then capturing it for a brief moment in time.

Barbara S. Love - Creative Artistry Phoenix AZ. Copywriight 2010